Musings on this and that

The second law of thermodynamics and self-organization revisited (July 1996)
A restatement of the second law and its implications for self-organization.

On uncertainty, information and predictability (July 1996, updated May 2002)
About the relationship between exergy, entropy and information and uncertainty.

Musings on the second law and life. (December 2002) (PDF file, 60K)
Some thoughts inspired by discussion with the author of the New Scientist article about our work.

About some common slipups in applying Prigogine's minimum entropy production principle to living systems (January 2003) (PDF file, 56K)
How dissipation, entropy production, heat transfer, energy flux, equilibrium and steady state are used in confusing and sloppy ways.

On myths and sustainability (December 2002)

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