Material related to the
ISSS meeting
Toronto, July 2000


Thermodynamics and Systems Theory SIG (Institute for the Study of Complex Systems),
Thermoeconomics: Beyond the Second Law, Chair - Tony Trewavas
1. P. A. Corning, Thermoeconomics: Beyond The Second Law
2. H. T. Odum, Systems Relationship of Money and Information
3. J. Kay, Exergy, the Second Law and Self-Organization: Some Observations

PAPERS (in order of relevance):

Kay. J. 2000. "Ecosystems as Self-organizing Holarchic Open Systems : Narratives and the Second Law of Thermodynamics" in Sven Erik Jorgensen, Felix Muller (eds), Handbook of Ecosystems Theories and Management, CRC Press - Lewis Publishers. pp 135-160

Schneider, E.D, Kay, J.J., 1994, "Life as a Manifestation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics", Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Vol 19, No. 6-8, pp.25-48. Also available in pdf format

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Schneider, E.D, Kay, J.J., 1995, "Order from Disorder: The Thermodynamics of Complexity in Biology", in Michael P. Murphy, Luke A.J. O'Neill (ed), "What is Life: The Next Fifty Years. Reflections on the Future of Biology", Cambridge University Press, pp. 161-172

Kay. J., Regier, H., 1999. "An Ecosystem Approach to Erie's Ecology" in M. Munawar, T.Edsall, I.F. Munawar, (eds), International Symposium. The State of Lake Erie (SOLE) - Past, Present and Future. A tribute to Drs. Joe Leach & Henry Regier, Backhuys Academic Publishers, Netherlands, pp.511-533

Kay, J.J., 1984 Self-Organization in Living systems, Ph.D. Thesis, Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 458p. (Only chapter 2 is currently available)


"About the thermodynamics of ecosystems and surface temperature." presented at the course on Ecosystem theory-application in environmental management of aquatic systems, at The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2 June, 2000.

A short talk on thermodynamics of ecosystems March 2000

Papers of graduate students

Designing Educational Systems SIG (IV)
J. Foster, J. Kay, "About Teaching Systems Thinking"
Kay, J.J., Foster, J., 1999, "About Teaching Systems Thinking" in Savage, G., Roe, P. (eds), Proceedings of the HKK conference, 14-16 June, 1999, University of Waterloo, Onatrio, pp.165-172

Research into a General Systems Theory SIG (I)
3. B. L. Dempster, Relinquishing Boundaries: Developing a More Appropriate Conceptualization of Complex Systems

Living Systems Analysis SIG (II),
3.B. L. Dempster, Sympoietic and Autopoietic Systems: A New Distinction for Self-Organizing Systems

Systems Philosophy and Ethics SIG (I),
1. E. Tucs, Evolvability in Urban Neighborhoods.

The Ecosystem Approach SIG
sponsored by: Network for Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

Network for Ecosystem Sustainability and Health (NESH) homepage

NESH President: David Waltner-Toews

(Note: As presenters send me their materials I will post them here.)

(Click on the title to download an ACROBAT PDF version of the talk)

Panel I. General Introduction - Post-Normal Science & The Ecosystem Approach: Theory and Challenges,
Organisers, D. Waltner-Toews, J. Kay and N. M. Lister

J. Kay, An Introduction to the Ecosystem Approach (625k) (See below for more reference material for this presentation)
G. Francis, The Challenge of Governance
A. Dale, The Challenge of Sustainable Development
D. Waltner-Toews, The Challenge of/to Health
N. M. Lister, The Challenge to Planning
G. R. Ramírez, The Challenge to Participation

Panel 2: Applications: Sustainable Development in Practice,
P. Robinson, Municipal Planning & Climate Change
L. Woo, An Ecosystem Approach to Urban Waterfront Planning
N. Luka, Ökostädtebau: An Ecosystem Approach to Urban Design
L. Baschak, An Ecosystem Approach to Eco-Regional Planning
M. Bunch, An Ecosystem Approach to Watershed Management in Madra
C. Sunde, Experiences from New Zealand
D. F. Charron, Livestock, Streams and Farm Economics in the Great Lakes Basin: Applying an Agroecosystem Framework

Materials for James Kay's presentation

A talk on the ecosystem approach.
Presented at: the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Implementing Ecological Integrity: Restoring Regional and Global Environmental and Human Health, "Jozsef Fodor" National Public Health Centre, Budapest, June 26 - July 1, 1999.
and at:
the bi-annual conference of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics, Regina, Sask., August 28, 1999.

Kay. J., Regier, H., Boyle, M. and Francis, G. 1999. "An Ecosystem Approach for Sustainability: Addressing the Challenge of Complexity" Futures Vol 31, #7, Sept. 1999, pp.721-742.

Kay, J.J., 1994, "The Ecosystem Approach, Ecosystems as Complex Systems and State of the Environment Reporting", prepared for North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation , State of the North American Ecosystem meeting, Montreal, Canada. 8-10 December, 1994, 42 pages.

Kay, J, Schneider, E.D,. 1994, "Embracing Complexity, The Challenge of the Ecosystem Approach", Alternatives Vol 20 No.3 pp.32- 38

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