About....... Self-organizing Hierarchical Open (SOHO) Systems

The following papers, together, describe the Self-organizing Hierarchical Open (SOHO) Systems approach to discussing ecosystems, sustainability, and health.

The basic paper:
Kay. J., Regier, H., Boyle, M. and Francis, G. 1999. "An Ecosystem Approach for Sustainability: Addressing the Challenge of Complexity" Futures Vol 31, #7, Sept. 1999, pp.721-742.

about the SOHO model and description:
Kay, J., Boyle, M., "A hierarchical conceptual model for discussing the relationships between natural ecosystems and societal systems" for Drake, J.A., C.R. Zimmermann, S. Gavrilets, and T. Fukami (eds), Complexity Emerging: a paradigm for ecological thought. Columbia University Press.

And integrity
Kay. J., Regier, H., 2000. "Uncertainty, Complexity, And Ecological Integrity: Insights from an Ecosystem Approach", in P. Crabbe, A. Holland, L. Ryszkowski and L. Westra (eds), Implementing Ecological Integrity: Restoring Regional and Global Environmental and Human Health, Kluwer, NATO Science Series, Environmental Security pp. 121-156.

And thermodynamics of self-organization:
Kay. J. 2000. "Ecosystems as Self-organizing Holarchic Open Systems : Narratives and the Second Law of Thermodynamics" in Sven Erik Jorgensen, Felix Muller (eds), Handbook of Ecosystems Theories and Management, CRC Press - Lewis Publishers. pp 135-160

And monitoring:
Boyle, M., Kay. J., and Pond, B., 2001. Monitoring in Support of Policy: an Adaptive Ecosystem Approach, in Munn, T., (editor in chief), Vol.4 Encylopedia of Global Environmental Change, London, John Wiley and Son. pp.116-137.

And Industrial Ecology
Kay, J., 2002, "On Complexity Theory, Exergy and Industrial Ecology: Some Implications for Construction Ecology" in Kibert, C., Sendzimir, J. (eds), Guy, B., Construction Ecology: Nature as a Basis for Green Buildings, Spon Press, pp.72-107.

Lake Erie as a SOHO system:
Kay. J., Regier, H., 1999. "An Ecosystem Approach to Erie's Ecology" in M. Munawar, T.Edsall, I.F. Munawar, (eds), International Symposium. The State of Lake Erie (SOLE) - Past, Present and Future. A tribute to Drs. Joe Leach & Henry Regier, Backhuys Academic Publishers, Netherlands, pp.511-533

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